Artist portfolio, NZJP, Spring 2006 [pdf]
Approaches Show review, NZJP, Summer 2006/07 [pdf]
Approaches Show review, Lumiere Reader, Oct 2006
Community Garden review, The Big Idea, May 2010



Aberhart, Laurence Aberhart, Lumiere Reader, Jun 2007
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Stopover, Bruce Connew, Lumiere Reader, Sep 2007
Hinterland, Rick Alexander, Lumiere Reader, Nov 2007
Fiat Lux: 51 Photographs, Andrew Ross, Lumiere Reader, Mar 2008
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A Field Guide to Camera Species, Darren Glass, Lumiere Reader, June 2009
Bold Centuries: a photographic history album, Haruhiko Sameshima
     EyeContact, July 2009

Neil Pardington + Marti Frielander, Lumiere Reader, Apr 2010
Men Alone - Men Together, Mark Beehre, Lumiere Reader, May 2010
Mercy Mercer, Derek Henderson, Lumiere Reader, June 2010
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New Zealand Photographs + Through The Eyes Of A Miner + Feeling For Daylight
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Max Gimblett Workspace: Photography By John Savage, Lumiere Reader, Nov 2010
Brian Brake: A Lens On The World + New Zealanders In Focus (Peter James Quinn),
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Paradise Road, Brian Sweeney, Lumiere Reader, Dec 2010
Sightseeing, Lumiere Reader, Jan 2011


Wild Beast: The Art of Dean Buchanan, Lumiere Reader, Nov 2007
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Hauaga: The Art Of John Pule, Lumiere Reader, Mar 2011
The Art Of Peter Siddell, Lumiere Reader, Apr 2011

Other things:

Film Festival 2007, Lumiere Reader, Aug 2007
Twelve Hour Collision, Pine, Lumiere Reader, Sep 2007
The Fred Dagg All-Purpose DVD, Lumiere Reader, Nov 2007
Anvil: The Story of Anvil + Pete Seegar: The Power of Song,
     Lumiere Reader, Aug 2008

Atoms, Dinosaurs & DNA, Veronika Meduna, Lumiere Reader, Oct 2008
Allan Wilson: Evolutionary, Lumiere Reader, Oct 2008
The Awa Book of New Zealand Science + The Amazing World of James Hector
     Lumiere Reader, Dec 2008

Modern Life + The Man in the Hat, Lumiere Reader, Aug 2009
13 Most Beautiful ..., Lumiere Reader, Mar 2010
100 Essential New Zealand Films & 100 Essential New Zealand Albums
     Lumiere Reader, Mar 2010

Preaching to the Converted: Writers and Readers Week Town Hall Talks
     Lumiere Reader, Mar 2010

Clarke & Dawe: The Full Catastrophe, Lumiere Reader, Apr 2010
The Games: Series 2, Lumiere Reader, July 2010
Strange Powers: Stephin Merritt and the Magnetic Fields + TrinityRoots, Music Is
     Choice, Lumiere Reader, July 2010

Sam Hunt: Purple Balloon and Other Stories, Lumiere Reader, Aug 2010
New Zealand Reserve Bank Annual 2010, David Haywood, Lumiere Reader, Sept 2010
The Complete Fourmyula, Lumiere Reader, Sept 2010
How To Make Gravy, Paul Kelly, Lumiere Reader, Jan 2011
Vincent Ward: The Past Awaits, Lumiere Reader, Feb 2011
Disasters of Greed: Inside Job, Gasland, Lumiere Reader, Mar 2011





Joan Wiffen Valley, Signposts, July 2009
Helping to save the North Island Robin, Signposts, May 2010
Unofficial war photography, Signposts, Aug 2010
The centre of things, Signposts, Jan 2011
Atoms, DNA and polysulfur nitride, Signposts, Feb 2011
Reflected in our art, Signposts, Mar 2011
The colour of the earth, Signposts, Apr 2011



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