Past Lives
March 2006

“10 Conversations” represented the first public showing of images from the ongoing series ‘Past Lives’. The work looks at history, historical sites and the public (re)presentation of history in New Zealand. It also comments on photographic technique and history.

‘Ten Conversations’ Press Release
January 2004

The influence of renowned Wellington photographer Peter Black is on show at Photospace Gallery in an exhibition entitled ‘Ten Conversations’.

The exhibition featuring the work of ten local emerging photographers came about after attending a workshop run by Peter Black, who had a major show at City Gallery last year.

“The aim of workshop and exhibition is to present some new voices in photography”, says Peter Black. “Each photographer is developing their style and the essence of what they have to say. It's a great opportunity to see some fresh work and directions in the medium” he said.

“The workshop provided me with one-on-one feedback and guidance from Peter Black, which was priceless” said Lisa Alway, one of the exhibiting artists. “It has helped me figure out what direction to take my photography in for the future.”

The works in the show include landscape, portrait and documentary styles, which while not strictly following in the footsteps of Black, reflect the relationship between Black and the artists.

Photographer Andy Palmer says that “the show’s title points toward the fact that the work grew out of our discussions with Peter, and our aim to encourage a dialogue between the viewer and the photographs.”

‘Ten Conversations’ is on at Photospace Gallery, 37 Courtenay Place, from 30 January until 12 February.

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