Where have you been,
And what have you done?
I’ve been under the ground
Eating prayers from this old
book I found
Under the ground
Saving it up, and spending it all
On moving pictures, silent films
Moving pictures, silent films
Tony Dekker


1.Wanganui, 8 July 2005
2.Wellington, 2 February 2005
3.Paekakariki, 18 July 2005

All works are Lightjet prints on Fuji Crystal Archive Paper


Press Release
September 2005

moving pictures silent film
New photographic works by Andy Palmer

With his new exhibition ‘moving pictures silent film’ Andy Palmer continues to explore two recurring themes in his work – the coastal landscape, and human influence on the environment.

“I find myself continually drawn to coastal areas. I guess living in Wellington it’s hard to escape the proximity of the sea. But even when I travel I tend to end up on beaches of one sort or another” he says.

Palmer feels that all his work contains a certain serenity and peacefulness, and the three works in this show are no different. As with previous exhibitions where he has considered similar themes, he steers away from making overtly political statements about the environment, preferring to leave room for the viewer to interpret as they see fit.

While Palmer has been involved in a number of group shows at Photospace Gallery over the past few years ‘moving pictures silent film’ is his first solo show there since 2001. For this show he worked with David Boyce, who is showing in the gallery’s larger room. The two have exhibited together before and regularly work together and both wanted to produce works which complemented one another while furthering their own individual style, approach and vision. While the works of the two artists differ in many respects there are similarities between them, which he hopes will give the viewer a strong sense of cohesion between the two shows.

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