Artists Statement
July 2003

When most people look at a landscape or seascape it is generally the vista, the panorama, the entire scene that grabs their attention and consequently becomes the image caught by their camera or pen or brush.

However, these works miniaturise the scene, make small items appear disproportionately large, distort the horizon, play on contrasting feelings of beauty and foreboding. Consequently, they are less about the literal scene and more about the emotions evoked.

The show’s title is a lyric from an Elliot Smith song I heard during the early stages of this project. The words seemed to encapsulate what these images are about. Love. Life. Living. Being alive.

1) Island Bay
2) Te Raekaihau I
3) Pencarrow
4) Te Raekaihau II
5) Owhiro Bay I
6) Owhiro Bay II
7) Castlecliff
8) Red Rocks

All works are blue toned silver gelatin prints on Kentmere grade 3 fibre based paper mounted on handmade balsawood frames.

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